Urban Star was founded in 2005 to provide comfort and confidence to everyday people. Spearheaded by an innovator at heart, the company was among the first to introduce durable stretch jeans for men. The team took a fabric that was until then reserved for women’s skinny jeans and transformed it to offer freedom of movement to the hardworking man. Following this success, Urban Star dedicated itself to the pursuit of innovation and excellence. Experimenting with different fabric blends and production processes, the company developed brushed heavy weight denims that breathe and can be worn all day.
Urban Star has carried out its expansion with persistence and discipline, favoring timeless pieces that offer excellent value. This meticulous approach reflects the consistency, sturdiness and reliability of the brand. Today, Urban Star combines seasoned experience with new perspectives to continue to develop innovative products.



We take our mission to heart and strive to provide freedom of movement to active men around the world by delivering the best quality, durability and fit for products that can be worn with pride and comfort.